Fauna’s Thread was conceived as a movie during my first-ever trip to see the Sandhill Crane migration—in central Nebraska USA.

As I sat in my car on a country road, watching them frolic in the fields of cut-corn…


…they lifted off and flew through the sun.

Their flying shadows passed over me as their unique honks faded away…


It was spiritual.

Later the same day, I experienced them from inside a blind – on the river. It was there, where the true seeds of a story were born…

I set off on a journey to learn more about the cranes, research the river, and meet the stakeholders of the water.

I wrote a screenplay but my real job kept me from the keyboard. Years passed as colleagues reading the script would say, “I like it but there’s a lot going on. Many layers. More than one story. Perhaps it would make a good book.”

Years passed. A manuscript was completed but it is unpublished. I am calling it source material since I am still convinced this is a motion picture.

The status of Fauna’s Thread is: IN DEVELOPMENT.

My characters keep me motivated and the cranes are still dancing…

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