Fauna’s Thread was conceived years ago, during my first-ever trip to see the annual Sandhill Crane migration—in central Nebraska USA.

As I sat in my car on a country road, watching them frolic, they lifted off and flew through the sun.

Their flying shadows drizzled over me as the unique honks faded away…

I experienced them next from inside a blind – on the river. It was there, where the true seeds of this story, set in this place at this time, were born…


I set off on a journey of research to learn about the cranes, the river, and the many stakeholders of the water.

Script drafts were written, years passed, and my real job happened too often. As work stole me from the keyboard, colleagues read the screenplay and said, “You know, there’s a lot going on here. This would make a good book.”


As the characters kept me motivated, the cranes kept dancing…

Currently I have a 232+ page manuscript in hand, calling it the source material to write a new screenplay.

I am so convinced this story needs to become a motion picture, I am pursuing MAKING it.  

Principal photography targeted: February 2018.

The status of Fauna’s Thread is: IN DEVELOPMENT.


Thanks for your interest.                                                                       Inquiries:


Jamie Vesay, Writer / Producer

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