The Cranes



Every spring, 80% of the world’s Sandhill cranes stop in central Nebraska USA as they migrate north to their summer home. This tradition has taken place for millions of years. The Platte River is perfect for this majestic bird to rest, strengthen, and energize before they continue their journey.

The cranes arrive as early as Valentines Day and remain for five to six weeks. Cranes stay together for life.

If strains on the river continue each year, steadily depleting the flow – the risk of loosing an entire species increases…

Fauna’s Thread asks questions:  Who has custody of the natural resource? Who has the right to distribute it?

Five hundred thousand cranes, their beauty and enchantment, a traditional timepiece, the braided Platte River, sunrises and sunsets over the endless sky of Nebraska, and ordinary people in an extraordinary place.

The perfect cinematic canvas for stories of rediscovering the simplicity of appreciation.


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