Fauna’s Thread – the project

The idea for Fauna’s Thread began on my first-ever trip to see the Sandhill Crane migration—in central Nebraska USA.

As I sat in my car on a country road, watching them feed and frolic, they lifted off and flew through the sun.

Their flying shadows rolled across the road and drizzled over me as the unique honks faded away…


Later that same day,  I experienced them from inside a blind – on the river. It was there, where the true seeds of this story were born…

I set off on a journey of research to learn about the cranes, the river, and the many stakeholders of the water.

Agriculture and ranches,

hydropower and recreation,

and people in many of the small towns along the river.


Script drafts were written, years passed, and my real job happened too often. As the cranes kept dancing, my characters kept me motivated…

Colleagues who read the screenplay said, “Maybe you should write it as a book.”

Finally, with a 232+ page manuscript in hand, curious things happened…

  • Contacts made from the creative process have become newly interested in becoming collaborators.
  • The natural element at the crux of the story – WATER – became more popular.
  • Environmental subject matter is more receptive to the masses.
  • There are more distribution channels than ever…
  • New players in the producing world (including non-entertainment entities) are hungry for original content.

I am inspired and convinced this story needs to become a motion picture.  I am pursuing MAKING it. 

The status of Fauna’s Thread is: IN DEVELOPMENT.


Thanks for your interest.


Jamie Vesay, Writer / Producer            Project Inquiries: FaunasThread@gmail.com           Jamie Vesay Writer inquiries: VesaysRep@gmail.com



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